Adventurous spirit immersed in surreal design

I’m Jess, a graphic designer living in New Jersey. Born in Germany, I developed a love for traveling at a young age and I find excitement through the nature that surrounds us. Forests and mountains are where I go to quiet the mind and enjoy simply being alive here today.


I began creating as far back as my memories span, illustrating my earliest childhood adventures for my grandfather as a means to communicate during his later years with us. He was a beekeeper and suffered paralysis after multiple strokes however the light in his eyes pushed me to find a means of connection despite the obstacles I didn’t quite understand.

My family encouraged these creative pursuits ever since and along this journey the evolution of my design practices continue to grow with passionate wonder. Typography, branding identity, motion and time based media are tools I’ve learned to utilize and really appreciate.

I’ve picked up the ukulele after listening to Amanda Palmer’s Ukulele anthem, inspired to express myself musically and find the confidence within that I can often struggle trusting. The animals we share this world with have also been a source of my growing love towards this magical spark of life within us all.